How the path of exile shapes other ARPGs

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“Path of Exile” is one of the most used ARPGs recently, and it has affected many others who may affect it, and others may also affect it.

When fans were looking for an excellent ARPG like “Diablo 2”, “Path of Exile” was released in 2011 and entered the beta version, and officially released in 2013. GGG was a small team. It took many years for “Path of Exile” to become stronger. GGG will soon reveal “Path of Exile: Ultimatum” and more information about the expected POE 2.

Just as the road to exile was a spark, it ignited the desire of ARPG fans to play more games, because the underlying POE mechanism showed that it achieved this in 2012. It seems to be “Diablo 3” at the time of release, but “Path of Exile” may have affected “Diablo 4” in unknown ways. In addition, among other games modeled on “Path of Exile”, one game has slowly and steadily grown in its audience: “The Last Age”.

“Last Epoch” has been in the first trial for a long time, and it is not clear whether it will be launched in 2021 or later. Indeed, many game elements are peculiar, because the “Eleventh Hour Game” ((refer to as “EHG”) saw the performance of POE and tried to supplement the game with a similar  explanation.

For starters, there are 5 LE classes, each with 3 subclasses (such as Masteries); “Path of Exile” has 7 classes. The “advantages” besides “scion” are comparable to the three occupations, which will become the only “advantage” on the surface of the system. But it is deeper than these two games. For each active skill in the previous age group, there is a skill tree, each basic skill has a skill tree, and each core skill has POE Currency. But players will not fall into one category.

In fact, they can choose to Buy POE Currency, distribute it to all three masters, or specialize in one of these three masters. They can also delve into one or two of the programs. Two. In “Path of Exile”, there is a very versatile and complex skill tree that covers all 7 beginner courses. Professionals can make things more interesting and define the specific expertise that roles will perform from the beginning, role choices, and there may be limitations in some areas.