It's so ****ing sad to see what this game is haha

It's so ****ing sad to see what this game is haha

It's too bad you had to spend even $5 on this mess. Thanks for your review though. It is gonna be rough passing on Madden because it's one of Mut 21 coins my favorite times of the year, but that helps my decision to give EA two wagging middle fingers this year. They push MUT so difficult to make money and that I swear they simply get the few people who spend stupid amount of money on it every year and think that it's a fantastic idea. Those people are idiots. It's so fucking sad to see what this game is haha. Game is trapped in a time loop. Goodjob on saving your money.

As a casual its quite depressing, the game just doesnt feel right whatsoever. Some matters are choppy, the UI is terrible, and face of this franchise is simply boring and not thought out. Keep in mind like I said im a casual who was literally going to fork out the 60 bucks or so just so I could play the soccer match. Thank goodness to get that EA play item, saved me 55 bucks or so. . I dont believe I could ever get this game tbh unless they change a good deal of things regarding it. Just sucks because I was actually sold on the match just for the fun of playing a soccer game and they messed up. Im having Battlefield V flashbacks. . Main reason being I need a madden when I eventually get the series x, so its not all for nothing. But its literally a presentation update together with the yard. This could be the smallest improvement ever, its almost literally the same. My sentiments exactly, sir.

I've bought every Madden since 2003 on Day 1. Won't be buying 21. It feels awful, but that is really a breaking point. I've never noticed a Madden where there was not one reason to be considering buying it, before this one. Cancelled my own EA Access Too. I will support person titles once the studio accomplishes encouraging, hard pass on giving EA a steady test ever again. I have owned every Madden since Sega Genesis days but I have regretted it like the last decade, at least. I mostly played Draft mode this past year since it had been the only way with no dumb skills. I am 100% not buying this year. I am just so sick of this shit game. I understood this review was untrue when you gave demonstration high opinions.

Madden 21 is terrible even to get a transition game between X1/PS4 into the Series X/PS5. The SB nevertheless has LIV graphics instead of LV. You've got loads of glitches. The comment is recycled quite a bit. The new default management scheme is awful. Nobody should waste their $ on such a shitty product. With how games graphics have improved it's amazing just how shit the sideline and crowd still are. I've purchased madden every single year because 06' the day it's released. I only play with online versus mode. The buy mut coins madden 21 gameplay has so many defects every year. . This will be the first year I don't purchase madden. . Type of sad frankly.


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