Those are some seriously fantastic stats for if you have to use magic

Those are some seriously fantastic stats for if you have to use magic

If he climbs earlier, I think that it is RS gold not likely he will join zamorak and bilrach's coalition. If he climbs during the conflict (which is unlikely (gems of jas= create essence everywhere = big advantage magicwise = everyone hoping to kill and mug lucien)) that he will likely possibly join a coalition or flee gielenor. Nomad is mindful of at least one of those schemes happening and is trying to prevent it... (unless he's insane or merely trying to trick us). Thats my opinion, so whats yours? These armor sets are all very rare rewards from level 3 clue scrolls which look nice and have great stats for non-degradable armor. All the collections are very expensive because of their looks and rarity, though their stats are similar to the less-rare and less expensive armor dropped from the bosses in the God Wars Dungeon.

Now (or perhaps yesterday a year ago, depending on when you read this. Same is true for above lol.) , together with a bunch of other treasure route benefits, a fourth group came out called'Third Age Druidic Equipment' that provides a high prayer bonus. Astonishingly, this Third Age armor is a benefit from level 4 hint scrolls instead of level 3 just like all the other sets and has been released with a higher market cost (245mil!) Than all of the other 3rd age equipment, though at first glance it does not look much better than the others. Because of this and the fact that the new collection's stats are like other much cheaper sets such as proselyte armor, some people are complaining that the druidic set isn't good enough. I disagree.

I see a real potential for Third age Druidic Gear that other people appear to have been missing and I believe actually does put it above all the other places. The full set (including cloak and team ) gives a +31 prayer bonus, a +28 magical attack bonus and a +30 magic defence bonus.

Those are some seriously fantastic stats for if you have to use magic and prayer in precisely the exact same time. With full proselyte and a crozier (plus the rest of the things listed above that give best prayer and magic bonuses), you can find a +44 prayer bonus, but just a -28 magic attack bonus plus a +40 magic defence bonus. So, as you can see, Third Age Druidic Equipment far exceeds it's rivals in regards to great prayer and magic armor.

One spot I can think of where 3rd era Druidic Equipment would be particularly useful is at Ice Strikeworms (though you would have to put on a fire cape instead of Druidic or Soul Wars cape). Here you could auto-cast fire surge and use the spirit divide prayer (which heals you 1/5th damage) to keep you from dying. The identical strategy would be helpful for most of the Runescape supervisors and I am sure for lots of runescape creatures -- if you can think of some specifically please inform me. Oh, I forgot to say the Third Age Druidic Equipment seems awesome, too! Hopefully that, added to all the other stuff you've read, convinces you that Third Age Druidic robes are not nearly as bad as they seem and, if you're extremely rich, possibly even to purchase a buy rsgp paypal set!


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