Mission 4: To Catch an thief. Go to Port Sarim Jail for this mission

Mission 4: To Catch an thief. Go to Port Sarim Jail for this mission



Mission 4: To Catch an thief. Go to OSRS Gold Port Sarim Jail for this mission. Speak with the thief in the cell. He'll tell you that he had hidden some valuable loot. The thief isn't going to talk, as only his partner knows the exact location. Locate the lvl 16 Thief in Port Sarim, and select the option to follow him. He will then stand front of the strange statue in Port Sarim. To get the loot back, use a spade and begin digging after he's left. Tiffy Cashien will return it

After Zamorak's death after his death, he falls to the ground, turns to black, and then shatters to ashes. The ground is then stabbed by his sword. You then fall over onto your back, with your legs straight and your arms stretched out. the right hand lets go of the godly weapon. It transforms into a normal weapon. Bandos's becomes an obsidian maul The other three weapons are transformed into a dragon item that is similar to a dragon item.

You can hear the requiem playing in the background and begin to see the visions of the future. The wild becomes a lush paradise. Varrock and West Ardougne become shining cities. Evil slowly begins to die off, and the world becomes a peaceful place. The camera goes black as you sleep. Slowly, you awaken at the exact same location in an unidentified area. However, it appears to be exactly the spot that Zamorak was defeated.

Return to Azzanadra and Azzanadra takes you to Buy RS 2007 Gold a different chamber within the pyramid. In the chamber, you will see Zaros who is grateful to you and hands you an empty casket. It contains an unwritten letter, a collection of clothes and a weapon.

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