Is there anybody who's prepared to key larges for me I leech?

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Ignore people saying Ktop too, you said you do 5-6 man teams, so that is a 1/6th chance of OSRS gold the magical minion hitting you. Just do not mess with the ktop, the strenght of bandos is much more significant. Lastly, I don't understand your prayer/herb levels. AT least piety is a must. If you're ~70 herb, then you can probably get 88'ish herblore using 40M.

He's 60 prayer and 48 herblore. It would cost 6.9mil to get 70 prayer with ashes/ecto or even 13mil with dbones/altar. It took very little time with me ecto with ashes. I could get about 70k/hr with no agile short cuts since you don't need to grind the bones. I am uncertain how much xp/hr you get with dbones/altar, but it assumed to be quicker so I recommend you get that.

Is there anybody who's prepared to key larges for me I leech? This is a deal though: I was supposed to do 20 kills in battle caves for a big dungeon out of Benn0, anybody want to do this with me? I can do some thing else like this if anybody wants, maybe duel something or stops?

You do not have to be experienced, only able to cheap RuneScape gold do atleast abandonded two floors. I'm just looking for an easier way. Wish to dung with me? Combat level: 107. No thank you, F2P=Bad xp's and I can not use my Gorg 2h or SSH. Excuse me. Well, what if I turned into a mem? I already got it.