The exciting POE 3.13 expansion is coming to the dark world soon

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I believe most Path of Exile players should have heard in the past few days that GGG will broadcast the detailed information about the 3.13 expansion tomorrow. I have to say that the players waited too long for this. Although the game team added three epic activities to the game after they postponed the release to give players a continuous and exciting gaming experience, they also earn POE Currency, but it cannot completely dispel the expectations of players for the new expansion.

Each activity or league of Path of Exile has a different gameplay and mechanism. The only thing that is the same is that every time the player enters a new event, a new character needs to be created, which is also the game team’s maximum limit in the limited scope. To ensure the balance of the game.

Let’s review the changes that have taken place in the game since GGG announced the postponement of the 3.13 expansion. The first is that the number of players lost a lot shortly after the news was released, because they were very disappointed with the game team’s actions. Although there are three new epic activities to play, it still cannot restore this decline. Maybe Only after they actually released the new expansion on January 15th, the previous players will return to Path of Exile. Then the development team also added many patches to the game to allow players to maintain a good gaming experience during that blank period.

Fortunately, there will be no more accidents this time. Players will see what new content will be in the POE 3.13 expansion as expected. According to the previous statement of Path of Exile, maybe the development work of POE 3.14 extension is also on the agenda. Novice players can Buy more POE Exalted Orb so that experienced players will not surpass them after entering the new league. Come on, everybody!