ALCHING ECUMENICAL KEYS (RISKY) Requirements: 60 Agility, 60 Strength, 55 Magic.

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Get yourself Magic and Ranged armour and weapon collections (ie Armadyl armour, Mystic robes, Hazardous blowpipe and Trident of this swamp), casting runes, food (we urge shark and monkfish), combo food for OSRS gold gambling tick speed purposes, anti-venom, ranging, prayer and magic potions (for the previous one alternatively imbued heart), ring of recoils, some form of teleportation like Home Tablet and last but definitely not least runes for Vengeance spell. To be able to unlock the fight you are going to need to reach Port Tyras in Regicide questline. After that has been done you'll have to provide yourself as a sacrifice to High Priestess Zul Harcinqa, after that you are good to go and try your fortune with serpent god.

ALCHING ECUMENICAL KEYS (RISKY) Requirements: 60 Agility, 60 Strength, 55 Magic. To start alching Ecumenical Keys you'll need to collect them from God Wars Dungeon very first. Since it isn't a safe zone to maintain you need to be careful to not die there. For this place, head north from the Bandit Camp. After arriving at the dungeon make your way to the southwest. This will get you directly into the main room. From that point you wish to walk towards north and then reach Zamorak safe spot. Together with Mage or Ranged combat you'll have the ability to take Imps that live in this location. They've Ecumenical Keys within their drop table which you'll be trying to farm.

Since everything occurs from the Wilderness, there's a decent chance that you will end up a goal of gamers murdering. Be sure not to alch the keys that you have found the immediately. Instead get two or three and go to the bank to market your loot. Alching on jungle could result in turning them into gold that's lost upon death while unalched ones may be kept as safe from death punishment. A maximum of three keys can be held at a time and even more if you've finished some of the Wilderness Diary however generally farming two before banking is your safest choice.

BLACKJACKING (SAFE) Prerequisites: At least 65 in Thieving ability (although over 80 is highly recommended), Rogue Trader minigame, Rogue Equipment and The Feud quest. A very simple yet efficient way of earning money while also training Thieving skill comes with blackjacking Menaphite Thugs.

By knocking out these NPCs you'll be able to pickpocket them several times before they recover consciousness. It's a great chance to generate gold as you do other things such as watching TV or playing your telephone since it takes very little attention from the consumer. If you would like to find out more about this money making process head over to Old School RuneScape Gold our Blackjacking Guide.