Path of Exile's trailer for the 3.13 expansion has been announced

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Recently, Grinding Gear Games has announced the official release date of Path of Exile’s upcoming 3.13.0 extended version, and there is also a trailer. January 7th is not only the day when players absorb new and expanded information, but also the day when the game team has prepared for such a long work and finally disclosed the results. According to the timetable, players need to wait another 10 days before they can experience what the 3.13 expansion is like. They can also use this time to continue earning POE Currency.

As always, brand new game content and mechanisms, items and skills and gameplay will be presented the day after tomorrow. Players can watch the live video of the game team to learn more. European POE fans need to wait until 7:00pm GMT. GGG has prepared a long show for this. The video stream will start with the official extension trailer of POE 3.13.0 to make the entire release process unimpeded. However, as developers will delve into almost everything that the extension provides, then the most useful part will follow.

The developer will explain to the audience how to use the new gem and how the underlying mechanism works and how it works. GGG obviously will not explain every subtle change because it would be a waste of time. If the players have other questions, they can take part in the subsequent question-and-answer session to solve their confusion. Don’t worry, the game studio is ready for everything.

It may be difficult for novice players to understand these upcoming content. After all, they have just joined Path of Exile for a short time, and they still don’t understand the basic gameplay and mechanics, let alone the content that has risen to the featured league. But they can get some very useful game guides through Buy Path of Exile Currency to quickly adapt to the game. Go!