Path of Exile wants players to find out what is in the Twilight Mystery Box

Komentari · 22 Pregledi ·

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Grinding Gear Games recently announced that after the current Heist Flashback Event is over, they will distribute prizes to players who have performed very well in these epic events, including the Twilight Mystery Box that will be distributed to players for free on Christmas Day. And the next necessity for expansion is POE Currency. Players should not think that they can’t claim it if they miss Christmas. The event will last until the 8th of next month, as long as the players created their accounts before Christmas.

We can collect the individual clothing items to form two complete clothing sets, the Sunrise Armour Set and the Nightfall Armour Set. Players not only need to spend 30 points to get a Twilight Mystery Box, but also need to sort these items. Otherwise, they may forget or forget what these boxes are in their future game progress. The value of a microtransaction is equal to or greater than the value of the box. This means that each box can hold items worth 30 to 320 points. In the announcement announced by the game team, there is a handy chart showing the rare items in Twilight Mystery Box and their respective micro-transaction point fees. There are three levels of these boxes, which are common, uncommon and rare.

Around mid-February next year, players who missed the event can spend some money directly in the store to buy these Twilight Mystery Boxes. These rewards are very cool, which is also the best part of these epic activities. Players who want to see the details just click on the name of each item in the chart and you will be linked to a short video. What may surprise some players is that the combination of the items in these boxes will have a greater effect.

Players can Buy many POE Orbs to prepare for the upcoming POE 3.13 expansion soon, and more fun contents are waiting for them to experience one by one. Keep looking forward!