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Sell all of your slayer loot for OSRS gold Super potions (attack and strength mostly ), prayer potions and various other supplies (you might want to think about cannoning certain tasks). Furthermore, remember prayer and summoning up to combat goes. These two abilities are EXTREMELY beneficial towards slayer and are actually worth training.

Your slayer loot can help pay for coaching these stats because acquiring 70 Prayer and 68 Summoning would help you out a lot. Remember to loot all of the charms you'll get. A good deal of this may seem ineffective or unnecessary but if you consider it down the road, all this spending will pay off when you are becoming whips and boots. Also notice that by no means am I suggesting to waste your bank on slayer. I am simply saying utilize slayer loot for slayer supplies.

What is a good way for me to perform Barrows and get the most kills per trip? I've Ancients and Lunars, along with a Kharyll tele in my Home. I do have some experience at barrows, however I haven't been there in some time. I've got the 6-min tomb, though. I am able to bank in Burgh p Rott. Thanks Ahead of Time! +1 to Cheap RS gold  someone who actually cares about grammar. Personally, I use my own sort of mix and match, but, if you do it properly, you can literally do a complete trip with having 0-3 doses of prayer potion. (3 doses just if DH tunnel) Therefore, first the freeze/salamander, pretty sure everyone knows . Next, Slayer Dart, this is not that poor, in all honesty. My personal favourite, the all out melee GF go for KO (made it up here) Void strategy, useful if you've got low bank.

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