I've posted an updated link to EVE echoes

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Why does this create so many people so salty? Will you form up countless pilots and eve echoes isk teach us a lesson? Are you going to seize the chance take down EEs first citadel? PLEASE DO. We're getting tired of all the travelling, and NORF has nothing left from the north to kill.

GH wrecked you guys lol how do you say we lost 200 for your 20 haha.I don't know what to tell you however attempt the video out. I am not certain where the wreckt component came in.I have found and fixed the issue causing reprocessing mistakes. All mineral reprocessing values must now match in sport values.I would also like to caution any of you using reprocessing table spreadsheets from other sources. It turns out every single one I've found actually has incorrect data if you truly compare in match worth. In many cases it is very near, so a single reprocess of 100 ore might appear right but if you reprocess a few thousand then numbers will begin to be slightly incorrect, then the further you reprocess the longer wrong the numbers get.

I've posted an updated link to the spreadsheet because people awakened the original. You must now make a backup to be able to use the sheet. The linked version is read only. I hope that you have all been locating the business Calculator really helpful, and thank you to everyone who has given feedback. The purpose for this release is to allow the calculator to track and update resource stock to make generating components and tracking progress towards making components easier. Here are the major new features: "On Hand" columns for Ores, Minerals, and Planetary Materials. These columns can be used to maintain a tally of your current available resources.

Cost Calculation Setting - This is a new dropdown with two options:The"Full Component" option will put the sheet into a mode to calculate whole part costs, ignoring on hand resources. Putting the sheet within this mode will hit the hand column values to denote that they're being discounted for cost calculations. The"Remainder" choice will update all calculations to consider your on hand tools into consideration. This will demonstrate the cost to purchase only the remaining resources needed to manage the component.

Progress tracking - The"Minerals Needed" table and the"Planetary Mats" tables have been updated with percentage complete messages denoting how close you're having all of their respective needs met. In addition, to the right of this part pick dropdown there is currently an overall% complete tracker. When it reaches 100% you have all of the elements required to cheap eve isk craft the selected component!


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